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What's in a place?

Back in 2014, towards the end of my first year in US, I went on a pilgrimage to the mecca of any self-respecting technophile- ✨Silicon Valley✨. After all, this was the place I had heard about all my life, this mythical birthplace of Apple, Google, Intel and so many other companies whose products we all use and love. Amongst other things, I walked the streets of Palo Alto in search of one particular place. I was looking for a garage. The Garage where it all started- the HP Garage From the outside, this garage was absolutely no different from the hundreds of other garages I had passed by on my walk. If it wasn't for the plaque outside, I wouldn't even know that this was it- The Birthplace of Silicon Valley. In this very Garage in 1938, Hewlett and Packard started their eponymous company, thus marking the start of a technology revolution that we are still living in to this day. And yet. when I finally found it, I was almost disappointed by how  ordinary  it looked.  This was a pat

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