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Stop celebrating Jugaad!

A few months ago, I learned the hard way that water is HEAVY. For those who have never gone backpacking before, water is likely to be one of the heaviest weights you'll carry on the trail, and yet it's not something you can skimp on. As such, solutions that allow you to carry less of it but readily filter water from available sources on the trail instead are vital for backpackers. I went to REI 's website to see what solutions were available out there. I was blown away by the sheer diversity of options available.  Some of the Portable Water filters on REI's website There were literally pages upon pages of solutions of all types, across price ranges, weights and capabilities, all of them trying to solve one, simple problem-How do you filter water on-the-go.  This is not a one-off experience either. In my last few years in the US, I've seen similar abundance of well designed options available for solving all sorts of tiny problems, from kitchen tools , to machine shop

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