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So……(imagine drums playing in the background)…... after 18 yrs, and 2 months and 5 days of my existence on this planet,(……..Drums still playing………..) approx. 15 yrs of existence on the internet(……their tempo increasing…………) and about 8 yrs of my presence on it(……..faster, faster……..), ladies and gentleman,…..i’m proud to present……..MY BLOG!!!!!(…..tadaaaaaa…..)

Alright, alright……it may not be that big a moment. Anybody can have a blog these days. But for a Dial-up connection flaunting(??!!) guy like me who spends few ‘cherished’ moments on the internet….it is a big deal!!

First things first….the blogs name- SfericalCube. Now why the heck would anyone name their blog that huh? Well, may be I’ll explain that in one of my subsequent blogs. But, well, I named it that after devoting a substantial part of my already heavily challenged brain power. And following are the first few responses to the name-

Suyash(my younger(??!!!!!) brother)—Oh my god!!!! u r sick! u r desparately trying to prove to everybody u r different!!(he said something like that). It sucks!!

Achintya- …………(blank, smiling)…………….i don’t know………’s kind of ………….u know………….

Navin- seriously, that F after S (as in sfer….) looks stupid. Besides, it’s also a name of some company…

So that’s it. An ‘overwhelming’ response to the true sense of the word. And the above three people are supposedly some of the people closest to me in my life!!
Suyash is my brother and achintya and navin are supposed to be from amongst some of my best friends. But then, a reason they r so close is ‘cause they tell me all things so frankly… never mind. Besides, navin also became the first ever follower of this blog even before I posted my first post( u can read his blog at

But nevertheless, I decided to keep it….partly ‘cause I had heard something about following ur own heart and partly(rather, more partly) because I could not push my brain any further to think of any better name!! Maybe u all could give ur own response to the name in the comments for this blog.

So now the next question.. what all can u expect to read in my blog?? frankly speaking, I don’t know. It’s not designed to be any particular type of blog. This blog will be a kind sneak peek into the world from my eyes. U all will get to see the world the way I see it. Once in a while I’ll try to write a review of maybe an album I hear or a movie I see or a concert I attend and so on. I also write a few articles once in a while, so maybe I’ll put that up too. If there is something that u want me to write on, feel free to tell me that and I’ll try to cook up something. But most importantly for me, this blog will be a way for me to chronicle my life the way it goes on…..and in a way that others find interesting. I mean, How many times have u tried writing about urself in ur orkut, facebook, hi5 or any other profile? if v know ourselves so well, why is it that v find it so difficult to explain ourselves to others? so this blog will be my endeavor to understand myself.

A warning though; if u haven’t noticed, I tend to get a philosophical at times and u all might find that boring. But I guess u’ll have to put up with it once in a while ‘cause that’s how I am.

So I think that’s enough for a first post. Do send in ur suggestions, comments, criticisms and tell me how u found this post. C u next time….. same URL…different time. until then… C ya!!!


  1. Dude, Your First Post And Here's Your First Comment!!

    As expected, the intro itself leaves an impact....Even if U hadn't told me this is written by U and I sumhow landed on this blog, I'd have known at once that its yours... This blog screams out SAGAR KAMAT!!

    Yeah and the site is sphericalcube (, not sfericalcube

    Love the post....esp. considering my first post ( was amazingly lame!!

    Oh yeah and BTW Thanks for the LoN (LifeOfNavin) advert!!

  2. njoyed ur post buddy...........
    keep writing(lookin forward to it)....lage raho............

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  4. hey i reali can't beleive u actually ve written it but gd wrk
    keep writin so d@ v get some amusement n aftr readin ur happeningz post i can understand how d event on d whole mite ve been:)


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