The Happening Post 2

Here’ the post about the second day of Happenings ’09, 20th march. So the last day had been a bummer, mood wasn’t so upbeat in the college except on the various “lets-get-started” type banners on the trees. I reached the college at about 8.45. Pratik and Mahadev(my friends) also reached about the same time. Not many others had been there(nor did it look like they would, but I was still praying). So before anything started for the day(please, please,please…..), we decided to explore a bit of the campus. For the people who don’t know my college, the campus is spread over 250 acres so there are many parts of the college we haven’t been to yet.

So we walked besides the computer science department and headed for the compound at the boundary of the college. And trust me, the view was beeuuutiiiful!! The college is situated on a hill and and we were overlooking the slope of that hill. Beyond that, many hills filled the landscape far till the horizon. On the right, on a distant slope, we could see the Kundaim Industrial estate. It looked peaceful. On our immediate left, was the famous(errr…infamous) santosh’s gado, the get-it-all shop on the campus frequented by many seniors but faithfully kept at distance by the freshers. I turned to face the campus. There, at a distance, was the wind-mill with it’s broken blades, a silent witness to many generations of students. The departmental buldings (comp, mech, civil) also looked very nice from here. Somehow, I was feeling very nice. The wind was blowing comfortably and effortlessly. ‘I’m going to have a very good time here’ I said to myself. We sat there chatting for a while. It was indeed a very good morning.

Then, we decided to get back to the events venue. Shambhavi(another friend) joined us outside the canteen. Nothing had started as of now so we walked aimlessly again and sat on the edge of one of the gardens in the campus. We all chatted for a long time(trust me, there is no better way to pass time on campus then talk, talk and more talk ). Others joined us after some time. In between, I and Vaibhav(no prize for guessing, another friend) went for a ride on my bike to another part of the hill(no, i'm not a gay. Vaibhav just wanted to try out my Dio). The hill’s so big that I never knew so many things existed on it. On our way, we saw a medical centre, a primary school, a PWD office and the Industrial Training Institute.

After that, all of us went to the canteen. Not to eat but do more chatting. There, we were joined by Mr. Varad Karamali. Well, we didn’t knew him much either till then. He is not a student of GEC nor an alumni, but he has been a part of the organizing committee for many ‘happenings’. We spent the entire time till lunch break listening to the fables of ‘Happenings through the ages’. I must say, I am envious of him. You have to be really lucky to earn the kind of experience he has, of getting things done.

A senior then came to call us for the first event of the day at about 12.30 pm- The street play competition. But the event never started and we went for the lunch break. Great!! the second day was turning out just like the first one. After lunch, all of us sat in one of the empty classrooms and started playing Dumb Charades. Now that was way more fun then just sitting around and for a minute, I almost started enjoying happenings. In between, while I went to the Humanities Dept. to fill my bottle, I saw that the street play competition had indeed started and from the way audience cheered, it looked pretty good. But by the time I went to call others and came back, it was over. Sigh!!

We sat in the pandal and waited for the next event of the day—the dance competition. There were 3 entries for this one-PCCE, RIT and the Polytechnic college from bicholim. Though the dances weren’t great, it was better then having an empty stage.
After the event, one of our seniors, Pushkin(nice guy) walked up to us and told us about a lot of things in general which we should have known about the way things worked in college. We need more seniors like him who break the ice between the freshers and seniors......without ragging!! He told us that this might be the last Happenings ever(nahiiiii….).

In the evening all of us again went for a stroll in the campus. We returned for the battle(!!??) of bands(two colleges, pretty good) followed by the most sought after event of the fest—rock nite. This year, we had ‘Reverse Polarity’ and ‘Bhayanak maut’ performing live. And guess what, people were actually coming for this event and before we knew it, the ground was crowded. I must say, reverse polarity were good. The songs were….crazy, stupid, over-the-top…but good. They had whacky names like ‘johny horny’ and were filled with very ...well, ...horny lyrics. And the lead singer fired the F**k word a lot of times on stage. Through out the nite, he publicly expressed his desire to f**k dara singh, water, education, Einstein, GEC, E=mc^2 and a lot of other things. He also gave me the confidence to believe that I’ll be a lot better rock artist then him ‘cause I know a whole lot of better bad words(trust me, nothing beats Konkani badwords). Bhayanak Maut though were disappointing. They had performed much better in channel V’s-launch Pad.
All in all, the end to the day was pretty good. After dinner, everybody headed for their own destinations for the night. Pratik came with me to my aunt’s place. We bitched about a lot of things and finally slept at about 1.30 am.

In short, goa's 'oldest' inter collegiate fest, this year, became goa's 'coldest' inter-collegiate fest.None of us went for the 3rd day of happenings so I can’t write anything about it. I had to go back home for some important work and others didn’t see much point in waiting either. There isn’t anybody you can blame for the failure of this Happening. All things were in place as far as the organizers were concerned. Hats off to Bharadwaj, prashobh and the others who were trying their best to get things done. It takes guts to keep a straight face when things aren’t going according to the plan. Also hats-off to all the second years’(pushkin, manali and others) who were trying to make the event a success and keep the enthusiasm going. But alas, It was bound to go down the drain. In all, 8 colleges(idiots) had confirmed their participation for happenings before. But all of them ditched us at the last moment.

So, that was happenings 09- from my eyes. You can offer your condolences in the comments for the post. And please, please…..pray for my collge!!
In the next, i'll review my brand new Nokia 7610 Supernova!! Stay tuned!!

P.S.-- A sincere thanks to achintya, navin and others for writing back comments for my posts. Keep posting! I'm reading!!


  1. nice post..
    u didnt mention abt the amazing photography session that we had that evening..all the trouble that we caused to ur dear bike..
    achintya climbing up the tree for a better view..
    it wasnt good from the point of view of a colg fest..but i guess we had our own fun..i ean i reli enjoyed..
    remember..aniket's acting??hilarious!!
    and tosha got associated with "the" thereon!!
    remeber achintya's b grade movie!!!
    hehehe...was a great day afterall..


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