The NameSake

First and foremost, a big thank you to all the people who bothered to read my first post……and are back here to read this one. As promised earlier, here’s a post about the blog’s name- SfericalCube.

Since the time I decided to have a blog, I was looking out for some nice name that had, u know, a different feel about it. I mean, look at names like Google(who doesn’t know google), or freakonomics(the book), or Maximum City(another brilliant book). There’s something about these names that makes them different. On the other hand, look at names like BIG(as in BIG fm, BIG entertainment etc). I mean, couldn’t Anil Ambani and his thinktanks find any better name? For all u know, he could have named it AAM (Anil Ambani) or ADAM (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani) instead ;-).

So in my ‘quest’ for a funky name, one day, my teeming-with-ideas brain came up with- SphericalCube( with ph in it). The rest as they say, was history!!!!

Or not. The next day, I went online and checked for And that URL was taken-- by a guy who had posted 1 post back in 2006, that too, his photograph!!! But nevertheless….it was taken. So it was back to the drawing board(rather to the thinking board) for me. But I could not push my brain to think of any better name.

So now all I could do was come up with some variation of the name. Cubical Sphere somehow sounded too lame to me. Should I replace the C of cube with K? Then the intials SK would match that of my name!! But…Naahh, I hate the way they replace C with K (as in KOOL for COOL). so that was not an option. May be I could replace the PH in Spherical with F. That’s it!!! That was my eureka moment. And it even made the name shorter by one whole letter( though I couldn’t really see how that made any difference).

So that’s it; that’s the way the blog became SfericalCube (somehow I like it without the space in between). But the name means something more than the ironic combination it depicts. It’s about the life that we all live, about how unreal it is. I mean, we all live our lives bothered about the pesky problems we have and somehow expecting other people to be sad for us. But in fact….. nobody gives a damn!!!!

Look at the pic below…

(i don't know who the above pic belongs to. the ownwer ,if at all u reach this blog, pls tell me. )

Beauty huh??!! Yeah. now look at it a bit more carefully. See the lights in the background. Each of those lights belong to some house or street or cars. Each of those have people in them who probably have problems of their own which might be the most difficult one’s in the world for each one of them. But in this larger picture, it doesn’t matter. Nothing that you do (or don’t do) in your life is going to make so much as a dent in this universe. As the lyrics of the song Kar Salaam in the movie ‘Life In a Metro’ goes-‘ Kya teri hasti hai mitti ki basti hai pal bhar mein hi ho jayegi fanaa…’ (for translation of these words, drop in a comment).
So from now on, stop worrying about your problems and try to move on.

The above para makes me look like some monk huh??!! So do I wear some white robes with a ring floating above my head and a goofy smile on my face? No. I’m as much a human like everybody who …..for now…. also frets about his problems to others. But I’m trying to change and the above para is what I’m trying to be. Now, some people might find it all artificial and all that but it’s not. As the latest of the Discovery Channel jingles goes’ “……. I luv the whole world, it’s such a brilliant place………”. (u can get the full song at

So that’s it. SfericalCube is about our life, about our endeavors to win a corner of this spherical world. We just have one life and a beautiful planet to live it on. So instead of looking at how dark the darkness inside is, try to live life to the fullest and to see the brighter side of things.

I’m sure that when my brother reads this post, by the time he reaches this point, he’ll be rolling on his stomach, ‘cause he’s the one who’s always complaining about how I take things too seriously… but as I said…… I’m trying to change!!!!(anyways normal rules of behaviour do not apply to him)

So that’s it. My second post. Let me know ur views on the blog, SfericalCube, and life in general in the comments. Till the next post…….. Ciao!!


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