It all started about 18 yrs ago. It was 4th January 1991(my b’day). I had just come into this world outside and it all seemed very different. The world outside looked big and bad. I was terrified. I started to cry. Most people around me started crying too. But not because they were terrified or something, they were crying with happiness. They were actually happy that I was crying!!
So I cried and cried and they smiled and smiled, but nobody thought of comforting me. And after my stock of tears was over….. for the first time in my life…..I WENT TO SLEEP!! Trust me, It felt like a bliss. Nothing around me mattered anymore. It was ‘love on first night’. And thus started the story of my lifetime love with sleeping.
Why am I really writing about this??!! Well, ‘cause I think sleeping remains one of the most misunderstood phenomenons of human existence. It deserves some credit for what we become in our lives. Confused? Let me explain.
You may have often heard that the 3 basic needs of life are food, clothing and shelter. I disagree!! Go on the streets and have a look. Haven’t you ever seen people sleeping without any clothes, on empty stomach or without any shelter?? But at the end of the day…. They all sleep!! Think about it… everything that u r going to do in your life will earn u nothing more than a comfortable, sound sleep. And the best part is…that even if u don’t do much in your life….u can still always go to sleep!! People can stay without food and water for about a week but keep a person awake for more than 72 hours, and they start going crazy!! Research also show that besides the normal 8 hours, a nap or two during the day actually helps u boost your productivity!!
In our many centuries of existence on this planet, we have answered many unanswered questions. We now know how the earth spins, plant grows or why people act the way they do. But we still don’t know why we really sleep!! It was earlier thought that sleeping helps save energy. But recent studies show that u save as much energy in sleeping as u can get from a single toast(please verify)! And it doesn’t really rest your organs- your heart continues to pump the blood and your brain continues to give you the dreams(or nightmares).
Of course, sleeping holds a completely different meaning for the student community. For us student, sleep is that one best friend that helps u get through the ‘exciting’ lectures. It’s what helps u pass the time during those never ending preparatory holidays. Ask any student- every one of them invariably feels sleepy during exam days and sleepless during the holidays. Why? Because sleep is that good friend of ours which stands by our side when we need it the most and self-lessly takes the backseat when we have better things to do. Afterall, a friend in need is a friend indeed.
It’s said that humans are the purest and most innocent when they are young. Children are free spirited, happy and creative. Why? ‘cause they sleep the most amongst all age-groups!! Think of all the things that filled your childhood with wonder- Santa Claus, Tooth fairy…..they all came when u slept!!
I remember reading about some US President saying that sleeping is the virtue of the dead. Very poetic Mr.President. I would love to see him working sleeplessly. No wonder America is in the soup that it is today. What else can u expect when u have such presidents!!

And isn't that useless also u know. For example, the great Dr.Kekule who discovered the structure of benzene did that in his sleep. He spent a large amount of his waking time trying to guess the structure. but he cracked his dreams....while sleeping!!!
Besides, we all know how important part sleeping plays in the all-important ‘process of reproduction’(has a much shorter 3-letter synonym). It’s what separates the living from the non-living.
I hope I have convinced you all enough about the importance of sleeping. So the next time your mom shouts about u being in bed too long….start the computer and make her read this(u can go back to sleep while she does). Okay guys…..feeling sleepy right now…..c u later!! Tadaa……


  1. Hehe...excellent post! The fact that this post was posted at 1:08 AM, is proof of how none of us feel sleepy during holidays!!

    U probably have read this, but anyway I'll point you to this as well: 5 Discoveries Made Through Dreams:

  2. so next i wake you up i will have to read this. okay. or is this a eye opener for mamma ,or is it a intelligent justification for your sleepiness.

  3. Hi bro, so true. . . Ur phrase 'sleep is our best friend '. . Is jus excellent. . . Keep up wid da good work.

  4. this post is so... ummm.. m nt gettin d exact wrd but.. it jus felt so amazin readn thru it!!! gud 1 dude..:)


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