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(P.S. I wrote the post below last month but forgot to put it up!! So please don’t mind the time lag. Rewind ur mind to last month and read it accordingly. Thanks!!)

AAAhhh!!! The college life!! After a rather long holiday, it feels great to be back to my ‘college on the hilltop’!! It feels refreshing to be squeezed in the buses and wasting time in the college gardens all over again. The campus has become magical due to the rains. The drops trickling from the leaves and the heavy showers outside look inviting from the classrooms. The environment feels cozily sleepy throughout the day(and even more so during the lectures).

What’s more, we are not freshers any longer. We have now graduated to becoming SE’s(2nd year engineers) from the poor ol’ FE’s(1st year engineers). But at the same time, I must say, the new freshers do look intimidating though. It gets difficult to tell by their huge size, who are the freshers and who are not. I haven’t seen any senior ragging them yet, although I did see some of them pleading to the juniors to get ragged!!

Also after an even longer wait, it feels great to finally start with my course of Mechanical Engineering. After learning stupid subjects for years, it feels exciting to finally have subjects like Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Application. Just hope they don’t turn out boring.

It’s not all roses though. After 15 years of co-education, it feels strange to sit in an all-boys classroom. And what’s adding insult to the injury is the fact that there seem to be a lot many ‘pairs’ in campus these days, kinda like they are teasing me or something!! It’s miles and miles of short, cropped hair as far as my eyes can stretch in the classroom. Ok.. there’s no need to look at this in the perverted, moral-less, despo sense of way. I’m really missing them in the class. It’s always nice to have their point of view of looking at things. To quote Chetan Bhagat-‘lets face it, life is quite…quite useless without them’. And I think boys who disagree are either lying to themselves or are benefiters of the Delhi High Court’s Section 377 verdict.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends of the fairer sex for the absolute sweethearts that they have been. Thank you girls!!

I also miss all the great friends that I made in my first year engineering. Shambhavi, rujuta, shivam, mahadev, varad, vaibhav, nazy, sonam, anusha, amey and the others…..i miss u all guys.

This post might not even figure in my blog’s better posts list but felt like putting it up for some reason. So if u feel u just wasted ur time reading this….sorry!!But now that I’ve got my broadband connection, u might have to put up with the trivial posts once in a while.

Until next time….ciao!!


  1. hey sum post yaar.....from the heart!!!
    must say,very sweet n "cute".....
    wish i cud write on such things......but i cant think nythng beyond issues!!!!!

  2. hey sagar...choooo chweeet...
    shows u miss being "maaza" sagar!!
    ;) ;) :P :P :D :D

  3. Thanks guys!!
    @gaurang, U CAN THINK AND WRITE ON ISSUES!! not many ppl can do that u know.

    @patrick, some things never change boss

    @anonymous, thanks. can u pls tell me who u r pls? sorry!!

  4. @ sagar.. u couldnt make out from sagar maaza who it is!! mean!!!

  5. @'Anonymous' was joking. forgot to put the smileys.:)


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