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In my 1st post, i had promised to put up some of the articles that i've written, on my blog. The following article is one of those. i'll be putting up more of these once in a while. Mind you, they are not funny or entertainment stuff, yet they are close to my heart. So if You want to read something to enjoy, stop reading here.
I had written the following one when i was in my 12th standard. Not many have read it, so i think it's worth putting it up here. Those were the hectic days and the stress really got to you sometimes. I'm sure all those who have been through it know what6 i'm talking about.And yet, once it was all over, i kind of missed those days. But reading this article takes me back sometimes. Hope you relate to it too.




A gleam in the eyes, excitement about things to come, and an anxious yet addictive uncertainty about the future. This is how we students had started our higher secondary life. Not knowing where we would land up two years ahead, we set sail on a ship towards a hopeful future. Two years of our lives that would govern the next few to come. The lighthouses of opportunities shimmered in all possible directions. We set sail towards the ones we felt were the safest. Strangely enough, they were different for each one of us. And yet all choices were made on the strong hope of a better tomorrow.

Life now is difficult to explain. It is strange yet so affable. Punishing yet so rewarding.
Parental pressure, peer pressure, societal pressure and yeah! personal pressure. Pressure is the name of the game. So much so that now, life without it sounds boring. The constant words of wisdom from parents and others are enough to write encyclopedias anew everyday. On our faces, we may despise the society for it. But inside, we know that’s what drives us to become someone in this world. We can see the care and concern underlying this pressure and yet, as though if it were compulsory, we continue to defy it. The world around us is divided into two groups, the best and the rest. What separates these two is the ability to sustain pressure. And now is the time to hone our abilities for this purpose.

Friends form an integral part of our lives now. Each one of us is going through testing times. And yet everyone is trying his best to alleviate the despair of the other. We have ‘discovered’ ‘friends’ in the people that we earlier ‘called’ friend. They make the moments worthwhile to live. No matter where we reach in our lives, we know, these are the moments we will cherish throughout.

We may be a confused, crazy lot for the people around us. But our every action is a manifestation of our effort to find solace and a space to call our own around us, to see the humane face of the ruthless crowd. Our objectives are well defined, never mind the path. All that we need right now is support. We need people behind us, goals ahead of us and each other on the sides.

Going back to our metaphorical ship, a year down the line, things are very different. The zeal to succeed is very much there. But now, it is backed up by a sound awareness of the effort required. We have realized our strength and our weaknesses. We have gained the confidence to face the waves no matter how big. The shimmering lights have now become clear. No longer are we floating vagabond in the sea. Our anchors are deeply rooted. Our choices now are not only instinctive; they are practical and well defined. Behind us, we have an irretrievable past, ahead an uncertain future. The present is turbulent, yet perhaps fun. And after all, whatever life throws at us is something that we can confidently call our own. The end of this year will propel us in the big bad world outside. All that we hope is that we will own a corner of this spherical world. Best of luck to ourselves!!!!!



So that's it. tell me how you liked it (or hated it). Thanks a lot to all the people who come back time and again to read my blog!! c ya!!


  1. When was this written?? Feb-march of last yr?? Coz its exactly wht I was thinking at tht time!!

    Just one thing tht went through my mind as I read through this post: The world is so round, yet at the end of the day, we're all stuck in a box, each of us trying hard to either claw our way out of it or make ourselves immune to the end of the day, the world is indeed a spherical-cube!!



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