Story of my nth love

The following fairy tale is purely a work of fiction.

Any resemblance is co-incidental.


Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a young man, as ordinary as any other. He was not a prince, nor was he tall, and handsome. But it wouldn’t hurt to call him prince, would it?So for days together, he toiled hard in a dark, grueling place called as ‘the college’. Day after day, month after month, he put himself through agonizing lectures and unending assignments. But one fine day, when he had enough of it, he decided to leave it all back and go on a voyage, a voyage that would take him in search of that elixir of life, called as…..well…. ’a break’.

And thus he set sail aboard the mighty ship ‘Tipu Sultan’, on a journey of unknowns, to those faraway islands in the middle of the treacherous Arabian sea, called as the Lakshadweeps. How he wished to conquer those unimaginable odds! How he longed to fight those stormy seas and their giant waves. But alas…the sea played bummer and the journey went uneventfully.After a not-so-long and not-so-perilous journey of one complete night, he set foot on the island of kalpeni. Brave and adventurous that he was, the prince put his life in danger and did snorkeling and kayaking. But he longed for more…much more.

Without waiting a moment longer, the prince set sail for the island of Kavaratti.Little did he know the destiny that awaited him there. The prince landed on the picturesque shore of kavaratti, setting his mind on new conquests. And for the whole day…the prince did things he had never done before. And just when he thought he had done it all……it happened…..HE FELL IN LOVE!!

Not that it had happened for the first time (or for that matter, the last), but the prince believed in living in the moment. Yes! She was beautiful. She wasn’t a princess, but that didn’t stop her from being mesmerizing. Describing her, isn’t within the outreach of these human creations called words…..

The prince stared and stared..but she never cared. She continued going about her usual business, caring for the people around her…and all the while…somehow managing to look beautiful.Didn’t she feel the love oozing from the price too…?Couldn’t she too feel the world going in slow motion?? Oh…how he wished….But it was not to be……

And before the prince knew it, the sun had begun to set.But destiny gave the prince one more chance. The princess was to go back to her kingdom on the same ship as the prince! The prince’s heart jumped with joy! But the prince had to be patient as the curtains of night closed in.

The prince had big dreams for the next day…but cruel are the games of destiny.The princess continued to bask in her beauty sleep. Ohh…how he wished he could wake her up like the prince from ‘Snow white and the seven dwarfs’, but it was not to be..It wasn’t a fairy tale you see?(Wait….isn’t this??).

And as the prince continued to blame his luck, the ship reached back home. He saw the princess float the sand escaping from one’s hand…And before he knew it…she was gone….never to be seen again……

But the prince was not a loser….’she isn’t the last princess’ he told himself….’ Your chosen one awaits you’….’so rise up and rise high’……’’cause every fairy tale has a happy ending’…..

And so the prince lives on…………

Some clarifications:-I know the disclaimer is inspired by the movie ‘99’, but I think it works for this post. Secondly, I’ve tried my best to tell my story without mentioning anybody’s(ahem..) name.Just to respect their privacy. But I know I can’t trust my friends to do the same in the comments. So just to be sure, the comments will b moderated and published only if they are harmless.

So do comment and do come back to my blog!! Ciao….


  1. loved it sagar... the best one so far... and yes i am glad that u've used the same fav sentence of us all "he stared and stared but she never cared" .... great one!!!

  2. thanks guys. finally, glad that tosha's comments moved from my orkut scrapbook to the blog.

  3. Gr8 bro. . Nice write up. . May d prince n his love meet some day,never to part off.!!

  4. And,as per my promise, I FINALLY am here!
    apo's for the delay...and kudos for the blog...esp like the Lakshadweep posts

    (Purvabh :P)

  5. hey purvabh!! nice of u to come back here! thanks a lot!!

  6. happy bday bloggie!!!

  7. hey tosha, thanks a lot! but there r still 2 days left for that. post ur wishes on "the budday post".
    cuming soon...

  8. nice phrase to end it....lookin forward to more updates every week :):) ...nice post

  9. I have one thing to say. If you love someone just tell. What will happen at most? A slap.. or humiliation.. At least you tried.

    This is great post. You should write more.

  10. I am glad I came.........great post, enjoyed reading it.

    Hope the prince again meets the princess and this time opens his mouth and she notices him.........well as you put it, fairy tales comes with happy endings......who knows sayad picture abhi baki hai!!

    Keep posting. It it really good!!

  11. @Dorothi thanks! glad u enjoyed it. Hope u'll be back.

    Even i hope the prince;) will meet his princess soon

  12. hey sagar!!! that was brilliant! really enjoyed reading that......just read it out to nandini too... :) :)

  13. @Arya Thanks a lot! finally doc found time to read my blog :)

  14. heyyyyyyyyy really ur telling way so cuteeeeeeeeee i lyk it.


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