The Year That Was................

Well, its been a long time since my last post, way back in september. Even though many probable subjects for my next post kept coming to my mind(especially when I was studying), I could not put them down here due to lack of time/lazyness. So if any of you waited for a post here (anybody out there??except tosha??), very sorry….

Anyways, I know there are still 10 more days for the year to get over, but I’m already in recap mode.Plus, I don’t expect anything significant to happen in next 10 I guess it would be safe to put up my ‘year that was…’ for 2009.i know, none of it is of any consequence to you…but hey, its my blog!!
All in all, this has been a great year. Lots of new things done, places seen, things learnt, heart lost etc etc……….jus for the sake of better recalling, I’ll go through it month wise.
Starting off with January----well, after a long wait, I finally turned 18!! That meant a driving license and an entry into the big bad world outside as an ADULTTTTT( hi ha ha ha ha)…..For formalities sake, I joined a driving class and that was it in jan…
Feb was also wasn’t much. I had heard Valentine’s Day were big days in colleges but sadly, mine wasn’t. Attended my first ever college fests in feb and march…had fun, but nothing mentionable….
March was a very exciting month in many ways…firstly, I got my car driving license.Don’t know about other guys, but I always considered getting car driving license as a coming-of-age, transition-to-manhood kind of ritual!!
Secondly, I STARTED THIS BLOG!!! Though the response hasn’t been over-whelming(what?? I’m not a celebrity……yet ;-)), I think I can claim my share of loyal visitors. Besides, excerpts from this blog have appeared on atleast 2 other websites, so I guess it hasn’t been a complete failure also…
Thirdly, my Honda Dio crossed the landmark odometer reading of 9999KM. Now that might not mean much to you all, but that meant the last dial on my odometer turned for the first time in its life!!!
I also attended my very first Happenings this year, about which you can read here and here. Although it turned out to be a bummer,I must say it was an experience nevertheless.
April will remain special to me for many reasons…I donated blood for the first time ever.It was a great feeling.For those of you who haven’t done it yet..please go for it guys.Leaves you feeling great and saves a life simultaneously.
I also went on a vacation to Lakshadwep islands in april. You can read about it in my blogposts of the trip, but I think Scuba Diving off the Lakshadweep coasts requires a special mention. Un-paralleled experience!!! You can read about it here.and yeah…I also fell in love for the nth time in my life…about which I’ll write in my coming post(wait for it…)
May went by unnoticed, mainly because of my preparatory holidays.
I’ll remember june for my visit to Mumbai. I came to this great city after a long long time. Maybe because of reading ‘maximum city’ & ‘shantaram’, or just because of my new-found adventurous spirit, but I loved Mumbai this time. I loved getting squished in the locals, walking by its lanes and just breathing in the exhaust of a million engines…living and nonliving….
I don’t remember much of July, August and September, so I guess nothing significant happened. Except, of course, the starting of my college’s Photography and Robotics Club. I don’t remember the exact month, but it was somewhere in these months. Both these clubs have been exciting so far. And as one of the first few members of these clubs, I hope I can take these clubs to greater heights.
October, again, meant a lot for me this year. I was the anchor(or as the General Secretary of Student’s Council put it, ‘The master of the ceremony’)for the 2-day inter-departmental fest of my college—Tandav ’09. Trust me…having 1500 odd eyeballs looking at you and swaying to your calls is an exercise in adrenaline rush.And doing it extempore takes it to a whole new level. Was an experience of a life time. Besides, it also got me some recognition in the college, I think.
Once again, November-December went by in the heat of exams. And before I knew it, 2009 is nearing its end.
Besides the above mentioned there were many other, smaller but yet significant things that I went through in 2009. And looking back, I love every moment of it.
Its another year drawing to a close, another chapter closed in the book of life, making way for the next. Nobody knows what lies beyond the bend…and that’s the best part of it.Hope the years to come will be as exciting for all of us. Wishing you all loads of love and luck…Happy New Year!!!


  1. this year 2k9 got u united with ur mech brethen sagar.. ur new classmates for 3 yrs!!!

  2. i mentioned it anyway in 'College, Dosti, etc.'.thought it would b a repeat. anyway, didn't expect many ppl to read beyond the 1st para.


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