The Budday Post

(this 1's frm My 1st B'day.See how people like to see small chldren cry)
(Btw, cake's mom made)

Happy Budday toooo uuuu

Happy Budday tooooooo uuuuuu

Happy Budday dear bloggie

Happy Budday too uuuuu.

(my pune and belgaum readers, please directly go to the 5th para. I need some answers)

Hey guys, my blog finally turns 1 today!! Yup, after 16 not-so-regularly posted posts, SfericalCube is finally a year old. And like a year end medical report, I’d like to share with all of u, how my blog is doing(whether u like it or not).

Well, the blog hasn’t exactly been the raging success I expected it to be, but hey, it hasn’t been a total failure either.It has its share of a few loyal visitors. As of now, the blog has 7 official followers. But then, there are people like Tosha, Rujuta and my mom, who religiously visit the blog time and again and get disappointed ‘cause of lack of updates. Sorry girls. I must confess, my creative inspiration has failed me and I have not been able to post as frequently as I’d like to. But at the same time, I’ve also produced some posts like Confessions Of A Sleepaholic and The Story of my nth love which I’m personally proud of.

One advice for wannabe bloggers---sign up for Google Analytics the day you start blogging. It’s a great way to analyze the number of people that visit your blog, the places they come from, the time they spend on your site, even which browser they use……almost anything that’s worth knowing. Nobody told me all this and I had no clue how my blog was doing until 5th September, 2009. That’s when I signed up for Google analytics. The stats below represent my blog’s health since then till now.

Since September, my blog has had 267 visits by 165 unique visitors(thanks a lot guys) who have in all visited 841 pages on my blog.A bulk of the visitors came to my blog from my shameless self-promotion on orkut, facebook and twitter but about 40% also came here from other sources.

But the most interesting aspect is regarding where my readers come from. Me being from goa, it is obvious that most of my readers will be from goa, which is the case indeed. But after goa, the cities which send the highest no. of visitors to my blog are Pune and Belgaum. Belgaum didn’t even figure in the list a few days back but is suddenly giving pune a tough fight. And all this when I don’t have a single friend/relative in pune or belgaum! So, my pune and belgaum readers, thanks a lot! But from where are you all reaching here??

Anyway, lets keep this report short and simple. So that’s how my blog is doing. Not really hyperactive but very much alive and kicking. I shall try my best to update it as frequently as possible but suggestions are always welcome. Do wish my blog a long and healthy life and me some creative inspiration. Hope you will be back!


  1. Bloggie??Nice!!!
    Here's wishing u blog a very very happy birthday!!!!
    Hav a blast!!!Njoy!!!!:)

  2. hey i had wished ur blog first, b4 everyone else.... but on another post of urs so once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGIE!!!

  3. hey thanks guys!! @keefe hope u'll b back.


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