10 things I learnt from my summer internship@Ford

My reward :)

So after years of waiting for a chance, I finally got the opportunity to ‘work’ in the big bad world out there, this summer(summer  for the namesake.is been pissing non-stop here). I got to spend a month at the Caculo Ford Sevice Centre located at Verna-Goa from 9th June to 9th July 2011. And boy did I learn from it!
The entire experience deserves a detailed blogpost-as my next post. For now, here are a few nuggets of wisdom that I picked up from my stint.

1)The ONLY thing that matters out there in the corporate world is Money. Everything else exists ‘cause it brings in the money.

2)When things go wrong, you pay for your mistakes. And the intensity of the brunt is felt the hardest at the bottom of the pyramid

3)The diploma and Vocational certificate holders have the knowledge. But the guys with the Degrees Have the respect.

4)you may not realize it in college.But engineering education makes you think differently.

5) 9 to 5 jobs suck.You don’t realise what you’re enjoying when u can go home early from college.or bunk a lecture.

6)Smart people aren’t exactly a rarity in this world.

7)Making it big in this world isn’t gonna be easy.

8)There are a LOT of things in this world you have NO clue about. And you can’t help it.

9)The management theories are for the Management, not the workers.

10) Weekends are holy.

+1) ‘Earning’ your 1st salary feels AWESOME! :)

Yeh blogpost ek Engineer dwara Janhit me jaari. Dhanyawad :)

(PS: Sincere thanks to everyone at Caculo Ford. Every employee there willingly shared whatever they could with me, regardless of how stupid the questions were. Learnt a lot from each one of them. A very professionally run workplace indeed with a very able leadership at the helms. This could not have been possible without them)


  1. Loved the post except for point one. Its true in most cases but not alwayes. In few cases the corporate money exists for something else. In some corporates money is the means not goal. Trust me on this.

    Also for point two many times the intensity of the brunt is felt the hardest at the top which absobrbs the shocks for the bottom.

    Otherwise nice post. :-)


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