Open Letter From a Goan Boy

The once-tranquil mandovi, now clogged with numerous floating casinos. On the opposite shore, yet another goan hillside fighting a losing battle with commercialisation

This letter is not just another blogpost. It’s a vent to a long pent up frustration, that more and more goans are feeling, EVERY SINGLE DAY. As every non-goan businessman who makes his fortune in goa tries to sell goa the wrong way, this frustration is only multiplying. And I have a problem with too many of them.

First of all, the tourists. Don’t get me wrong. Goans love to entertain guests. I do too.We are probably the most hospitable lot in this country which worships its guests.I personally love helping out tourists, directing them to the right places, helping them out. But we seem to be having too many of the wrong kind lately.

For example, the domestic tourists on a budget looking for a ‘phoren’ destination without moving out of the contry. Its easy to spot these. The uncles with their pants fighting a losing battle with the bulging tummies, the aunties who think sarees are great swim wears, the guys who think the a-size-too-small  T shirts make them look sexy and the born-in-a-ghagra-choli-wearing-fake-roberto-cavalli girls. And they rarely come as one family. They usually come in these buses. Then they discover Goa. Suddenly, the entire bus wears a uniform of White sleevless Goa T-Shirts and shorts. And the sunglasses come out. Then they throng the roads like herds of cattle, occupying half the road, giggling in that idiotic way at their own stupid jokes. There is no hint of decency in their behavior.they are loud, noisy and messy wherever they go. they don't even think before dirtying the crap out of a place. The sheer mediocrity of this class irks the susegadness out of me!

Then comes the college groups and youngsters. Brought up on a firm belief that Goa is the Las Vegas of India, these people almost believe  anything and everything is ok in Goa.So be it driving with your shirts off, roaming around drunk, eve-teasing any and every girl on the road,  everything is a must-do in goa.And then they see this exotic species called foreigners. I dunno why the fascination with the white skin but somehow too many of these youngsters seem to lose their senses at the sight of them. And then they try to woo them with Inglis. No guys, saying ‘Hullo madaam! Yennjoying goa?’, doing that Rajni style acrobatics with your fake Gucci sunglasses isn’t gonna woo them.No sir. And for god sake guys, would you ever ask ‘yahan ladki kahaan milegi?(where can I get a girl here?)’ to anyone in your hometown?? That’s down-right filthy! These guys, with an excuse of a mustache  and faces as sexy as the extras in regional films, are suddenly looking forward to becoming Macho Man in this land without a law.Sure you maybe looking for one, but asking that to anyone on the road, assuming its ok,  is an insult to our values! No matter how you see goa, we goans respect our women! Every girl here is NOT available and every guy is not a pimp. Sure there are wrong elements here but you’ll be surprised to see how little of it is run by Goans. Either case, for god’s sake, respect the state. And its people.Goa is nothing like its portrayed to be. Carnival happens once a year. Everyone does not stay on the beach. Everyone is not perpetually drunk. We do go to schools/colleges/offices. Everyone is not  a Gonsalves/Dsouza/peter.

Then come the foreign tourists. This is one category that brings in most of the money that runs the industry. That’s great. But can you guys please come, stay and return as tourists?? Can you guys please try and stop ruining my state?? The Russians have taken over entire costal stretches here! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sign-board in Hindi but you’ll find entire menus, instructions and shop names written in Russian! I’m not really a language chauvinist but its outrageous that Russians have infiltrated our state to this level. You guys have one of the largest country in the world! Why eye the smallest state in our country??

I understand its hot here and you guys have to drive around shirt less and in other bare minimum clothing,but  our religious places have some code of conduct. Dress codes aren’t strict here, ‘cause we can live with that, but is it asking too much if we ask you to dress up modestly? And when you go the temples, ask around what is to be done. The people will help you more than willingly. For example, the garlands sold outside are meant for the gods. They are not meant to be put around your neck 1st and then offered to god.I know you don’t do it on purpose, but we have some culture freaks here who blow up any and every issue. We don’t want that to lead to insanely strict measures, so please be careful.

And its not just about the screwing of culture. Its an open secret that pedophilia, drug trade flourish in Goa because of these foreign tourists. One look at some foreigners and you can make out how stoned they are!
These are by far not the only categories of tourists that irk me.There are too many of them. And our state is getting choked. Jus venture out on the roads during season and the roads are choked with tourist vehicles. One-way and no parking signs are blissfully ignored by these tourist vehicles.

After tourists come the migrants. Unfortunately, goa happens to be an oasis in a poor neighbourhood. Areas around goa don’t exactly have a good standard of living or employment opportunities. So everyone comes to goa. It pays more, it’s a better place to live in and hey, its GOA! So first one member comes, followed by his entire extended family. Before you know it, Goa has almost as many migrants, probably more,then the locals, doing business in goa. So now every every vegetable vendor, every small business owner and ever sweet/cashew/liquor shop owner is a migrant. (Insider tip to the tourists—do not buy liquor/cashew from non-goan shops. There’s a reson you’re getting too cheap a price there. And no, shops named Goa Cashew are not necessarily goan). The migrants from Karnataka, UP and the omni-present Marwaris have completely taken over the trade. And you know the worst thing? These people do not have the goan courtesy. So when a tourist has a bad experience, Its goa that takes the bad name, not the migrant. In addition, the lamani and hawkers make sure goa’s image is marred.

But outsiders are not always migrants. The ultra-rich from Delhi/Mumbai, the glitterati for whom a property in goa as must-have accessory have ensured a systematic rape of our treasured land. So trees after trees are felled to build luxurious villas with scenic views which will be probably used for less than a month a year! And the sadder part is, we goans suddenly becomes ‘Tresspasers’. So when we go to a beach for a stroll(no we don’t do it everyday), we are suddenly being chased by Gurkhas(also a migrant) of these properties!. That’s insulting to say the least!

But perhaps the one section to blame for all this mess is or ruling class.These 40 thieves who fill their pockets at the expense of a systematic loot of our land. So while the mafia dines and the businessman mines with gay abandon, our politicos conveniently look the other way. A little political will can do wonders. But the only wonder they focus on is the next election victory. So the migrant vote bank is ever welcome so are the businessman that will fund the election.

Goa is losing its goan'ness.Its still tons better than any other place in India.but its fast losing its character. The coconut trees are being replaced with luxury resorts, the silent mandovi river being clogged with casinos.

There are too many people I’m angry at. Too many people who are ruining a paradise. Everyone is welcome in goa. But please enjoy it the right way, and bloody leave!

Goa is not a whore. Please stop screwing it.


  1. Sheer brilliance! You spoke the mind of every concerned Goan who is worried about the threats to our homeland from outsiders. This should go to a newspaper. Loved it!

  2. Worth reading brooo awesomeeeeee!!!! :) touchingg!!!! :)
    Great work DAU!!!
    Way to go!!!! :)

  3. hmmm... Agreed with most of it but not all.... for 1, migrants have brought much needed business culture to the ignorant Goan businessman.... (and i'm not saying this coz i'm a migrant myself but coz i feel so)... 2nd, Goa has been promoted extensively as a land for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.... u have highlighted the drawbacks of that but there r benefits too...

  4. Best and most honest post till date!!!stuff that we discuss often but the wrongdoers nvr realize.. Hope this one spreads awareness far n wide! Way to go!!!

  5. a very passionate post! but i felt it was a little narrow minded... portuguese lineage is an integral part of goan culture, i dont see you fuming at all the christians around... if not for these immigrants, from karnataka, maharashtra, kerala etc goa would not have reached the current status it is today! goa is a part of india... look at it as an indian and dont look at it like bal thackeray...

    1. Oh please Goa's mindset and culture is worlds apart from India. So STFU :)

  6. Seriously completely agree with Kaustubh... its too good and must get published on a newspaper... these are our real worries which you brilliantly brought out through your blog :)

  7. This articles lacks clarity and a point - what do you want? No one to come to Goa? or that anyone who comes should behave EXACTLY how you want?
    With that logic, anyone from maharashtra should not be welcome in your state, and any konkani from Karwar should not INVADE your Goa, cause they speak a different Konkani!
    I think you need to make a less emotional analysis - 60% of what you say is 100% true, but the remaining 40% is pure emotional rant against any form of cultural mixing.
    So, what's the main issue?

  8. One of your best blog posts!!

  9. I am not Goan, but yes. I have seen this over the time. The Goa I remember is from 'Mazya Govyachya Bhumit' by Borkar. Now I rarely see that. You have exactly pointed the problems.

  10. to everyone who liked it, thanks a lot :)

    @pushkin due credit to the migrants who have added value to goa. i'm not a Xenophobic. but my rant is against the migrants who are spoiling the state. who r building the slums, selling counterfeit goods and other such activities.

  11. @akshay Portuguese ruled Goa for 450 years!the time to protest against their influences has long passed. the portuguese influence has long assimilated into what goa is today.

    Its diff 2day. goa is diff today frm what it ws 5 yrs ago! thinking like an Indian is all great. but when u see slums where none existed, when every person u deal wit in the market is an outsider, and a rude one at that, u can't help crying for ur state man

  12. @akshay surendra :i think its quiet clear what i want. little bit of respect for the state. IS it asking too much if i expect tourists to not dirty my state?not eve tease the girls?not build behemoth structures everywhere?

    i've said it multiple times. please come to goa. have the time of ur life. jus don't forget ur decency while doing so.

  13. I completely second all of your thoughts. In complete agreement with your "Tourists are welcome, but enjoy the right way and yes, bloody leave". It's a wonderful place and I have seen that Goans are not all the way Goa is projected. In fact, I felt the Goans are quite reserved, gentle and loving. No, I don't all of this because my wife is a Goan :). I have experienced them.

  14. Perhaps it's OK to put aside political correctness if it's getting in the way, but the sheer offensiveness on display here is just staggering!

  15. well written..
    tourists come to Goa with a thinking that Goa is a paradise of whores.
    Go to Baga Anjuna,there are plenty uncles eyeing "Goan" girls thinking they are a piece of meat!
    Its sad..but true.

    1. And then our Goan brothers hammer those uncles. This is the case everyday on the beach. Indians get Hammered in Goa when they don't behave.

    2. And then our Goan brothers hammer those uncles. This is the case everyday on the beach. Indians get Hammered in Goa when they don't behave.

  16. While most of the points are valid, it is not necessarily a problem faced only by Goa. While migration of the economically poor section of people is frowned upon, there would be no one in Goa willing to do the jobs they do. Most Goans either immigrate themselves or are flush with cash from their land sold to the high end tourists looking to make Goa their holiday homes or from leasing out to the tourists in the coastal belts. The other set of Goans that remain who have not directly benefited from the above, are in a state of conflict with the tourists. This has been the case for several decades and accelerated since the 70s. An image makeover would help especially if bollywood starts de-stereotyping Goa and Goans. So can the tourism ministry and the people do a better job at what they are supposed to do. And the rest of Goa actually stop depending on tourism and land for revenue and do some real development and business for growth.

  17. Good post, though a mix of too many points in one post. Agree with Pratik here - 1) who is stopping Goans from running businesses in goa? or instead why are Goans handing over their businesses to the migrants? why do we see 'bhaile podder/mhale/nustekar/waiters/disode kamgar/nadani kadpi/shethan kam karpi' and many more?
    2)Tourism - agree that tourist should behave decently, but we as goans becoming so dependent on the industry - today what not our govt is doing to promote it? why not think beyond only tourism? land sale/Russians - are these things possible without joining hands with a Goan? what not our Goans are ready to do for them, just for that extra buck?
    3)politics - everybody talks about them - and still elect them every election, we talk about Gandhi's running country, how many ministers we have in Goa, who have been getting elected for over 5/6 terms!

    However, nothing wrong venting out frustration and so a good blog, but the feeling of such responsibility needs to be awakened in every Goan and importantly the action, itself !

  18. The overdevelopment of goa to finish the beauty
    cutting the hills,filling the agriculture lands,digging of mines,building of colonies ,housing boards etc,selling the costal belt to the foreigners,n many more…
    now too many parties with special offers
    all this encourage outsiders ,yes most political related persons and outsiders need fast money n not bother about goa ,all they want to loot as much as they can n leave the empty place for the poor fellows with bones…without any basic facilities for them n their generation n then all says its development,I can say its development only for outsiders and the political related persons ..
    the honest politicians suffers too god bless them

  19. Kudos for putting your thoughts down so well into a nutshell.. every word of it runs through the minds of people of Goa. Some vent it out in an outburst of anger and some within themselves. No amount of swearing or abuses can put our politicians to shame as they have given up everything to fill their pockets. So i would say put it on Facebook and I am sure there will be a huge lot who agree with you. who knows it may start a movement.
    Kudos to u again!!!!

  20. any thoughts on who turned this innocent beautiful lady called Goa into a Whore???
    who turned our coastal areas into mafia dens??
    who sold the precious little land that Goa has to these north Indian business community which owns almost entire commercial reality of Goa??
    I am a Goan and I have no qualms in confessing that we Goans did this to our Goa!! for greed!!!
    like it or not.. we are to be blamed for it! lets not simply blame the outsiders.. they did what they do.. but we allowed it to be done! WE THE PROUD GOANS SHOT OURSELVES IN PLACE WHERE IT HURTS THE MOST!!! and all for money!
    and to top it all we got successive governments elected who kept on raping our Goa and we just kept on voting them back to power! what a hypocritical lot we are!

  21. Certainly true Sagar ! you've literally expressed every feeling of mine !
    Hats Off to you !

  22. a pretty good letting out of emotions. but its far too easy to blame the ousiders for all the evil that is in goa.

    if u wanna start counting the outsiders then start with all the industries and their head honchos who set shop in goa in the 90s providing employment and ancilliary business opportunities to tens of thousands of goans. of course u will argue that they came to make money for themselves, but they also gave goans the chance to rise up in the society.

    and we must also realise that many problems that goa n goans are facing tday are largely due to intrinsic problems too. no drug trade can flourish without local involvement and blessings of our law enforcement agencies. this image that goa is a whore has been partly brought upon us, by our very own goan. cheap liquor was made available by a goan govt, which excluded it from excise. converting homes along the beaches into bars was not done by some bhaylo.

    i am not sayin that all outsiders are saints. bt thyr not all evil. people as a whole, can be classified as good or bad, but a particular race or community cannot be branded as 100pc bad.

    the day we start showing respect to our motherland, is the day when others will start.

  23. Very well written! Hats off to you!

  24. Dear Goan,
    If you don’t want non-Goans, DO NOT Sell your not tiny piece of land, lease your business, or rent a flat to them, instead sell/lease /rent it to a Goan who can afford/(& is willing to pay) only one-forth the amount. Do not employ a non-Goan as cleaner, caretaker (Gurka), office Assistant etc. instead employ a Goan whom you probably will have to pay twice as much and may not work hard or be a slave to your command. You should know, you can’t EAT the CAKE and HAVE it too!

    And What is wrong with “Everyone is not a Gonsalves/Dsouza/peter”. In fact large proportion of them have left Goa. A Goa that you yearn had prevailed in their prominent presence and not the present Goa that you earn!

  25. Great reading sagar, Iwud like 2 share one incident the other day that took place in my clinic . One old retired preist of old goa church comes 2 me for consultation, he told me about A CURSE on goa, an interesting old fact ... many many yrs ago before the portuguese arrived , goa ( betim ) was a transit pt for all the ships sailing from the WEST and THE GULF region to the south-east asia region .they used 2 stop at betim which was a port. Which led to massive incidents of looting, thefts, drug traficking, gambling, prostitution ETC....after the arrival of portuguese rule,due to strict laws and highhandedness of the authorities all the bad incidents stopped.....TILL THE OTHER DAY..... NOW AFTER 50 YRS THE CURSE HAS REAPPEARED AGAIN....our beautiful GOA has again become a transit pt and den for drug traficking ..courtesy our ministers and their GREED.... gambling dens in the form of CASINOS R RULING OUR MANDOVI/ BETIM ,....prostitution is rampant under the nose of the ever helpful polie.....stories of looting and thefts making headlines virtualy everyday.......THE CURSE HAS DAWNED ON MY BEAUTIFUL GOA ... MY GOA IS GOING TO DOGS....and bloody i cant do anything about it...SHAME ON ME....


  27. those who elect a goan politician because "toh amchya zaaticho" have no right to protest to what goa is today. One parrikar did so many right things in 2 years that no one did in 40 years. and the people who did not consider him "amchya zaticho" voted him out :)

    we have made goa what it is. this blog is a wake-up call..but not the first..and certainly not the last.

    i agree with most points. i share the same frustration. i see myself in the writer's seat typing furiously hoping that my thoughts penned will stir up a revolution. And i seriously hope people like us get down on the road and in the voting booths to exercise our opinion before there are less goan voters than the chaos-causing borrowed/hired voters that are being brought in time and again from belgaum and other parts of the neighboring states.

    please make a difference this election - vote; everyone vote; and vote for the person who has the potential to give you what you want - not someone who is of ur "zaat" or "vaado".

    people like vijay sardesai (who lives in a palatial bungalow today, considering the modest life his father lived all his life), sudhin dhavlikar(who was blacklisted as a fraudulent contractor when he built the resident doctors' hostel in the ribandar hospital) are in seats of power, glued with fevicol because of YOU GOAN's caste-oriented votes.

    if these people are voted back to power again, this is the last time i am reading such a blog. i am going to vote this time - and am going to vote RIGHT.

    hail amcheim goeny!

  28. Sheer Brilliance. I couldn't agree with you more. At new years is the epitome of tourists literally RAPING our lands. It's becoming unbearable. The beach where I grew up, Miramar, even MIRAMAR has now become unsafe. I don't even feel like inviting friends from other states to come and see Goa. Every other Bhingta wants to possess land here. The very thought it unbearable.

    It's good you voiced your opinion. Am gonna be passing this on to EVERY non-Goan I can find.

  29. The society you live in is a reflection of the people’s will. Who can rubbish people's will? Goans need to decide what they want. But the basic question again is who is a Goan? Define a Goan and you would have defined an identity that you want to sustain and propagate. You don't want non residents to buy land, then get the legislations in place. You want to only rent and not sell, do that. You don't want the state to be littered then start heavily fining offenders. But do something about it. If my home rules itself provoke dirtying my place can I blame others whom I invite into my house for taking the opportunity to stay carelessly?

    Every culture and identity has its right to survive. But in my entire life that I have been a student of Goa, I have not come across a single worthwhile legislation that tries to protect and propagate the Goan identity and culture. What will you leave behind for your kids?

    For a start, accept the problem within. Set up processes to educate the outsiders about Goan sensitivities. For that matter start with educating Goans themselves what they are set to lose.

    And for heaven’s sake, there is no magic wand to solve societal problems, only way is to legislate, legislate, legislate... before its too late... And for that, you have to get off your comforts on that one special day and go vote. Take a holiday that day if it requires. Its about your future. The assembly is not sitting atop the hill only to give out mining and casino licenses... It’s sitting there for your collective dreams and wishes to come true. A better place which you can relate to and leave a legacy for generations.

    Wish an awakened Goan leads the charge and hope everyone doesn't wait for an outsider to take up the cause. Outsiders can do it but they will do it the way they see Goa.

    Hope remains but hope alone is not enough!

    Happy New Year folks and Cheers!!

    ViVa Goa!!!

  30. it all boils down to this: We have to vote responsibly, and we're practically for all purposes - screwed, coz the govt. in par right now manages to give voting rights to even the migrant laborers and buy all of them out by gifting them TVs. So it's upto the rest of the goan population to save itself from the greedy congressmen running this state.

  31. Lets translate this spirit of our Motherland and our honesty into real action on the March 3rd, 2012 by electing only NON-CORRUPT candidates.. Its time for DIGU,ALEMAO's, RANE's, NAIK's to sit at home and watch Shri Anna Hazare's dream synthesize into reality..

  32. What absolute garbage and nonsense. Such narrow mindedness is the very root cause of all problems..


    i've lived in goa, and to be honest, it is a very hostile environment to every non-goan who lives there. i've seen goans look down on people from other states, discriminate on the basis of being an outsider, heck i've seen policemen take the side of a goan JUST coz the person is a goan.

    this is the most hypocritical blog of the century, i sometimes wonder even with such hostile views why we even allow you to be a part of india.

    oh to the pleas of "do not rape my motherland"
    well fuck you know how many jv goans go to big cities and act like complete and utter idiots? Its like they've never seen an escalator or a mall or shopping centres.
    do you have any fucking clue how many goans go out of the state every year and buy land outside of goa/settle outside of goa?
    do you have any clue how absolutely ignorant and backward goa was before the influx of non-goans?
    you sir are an example of an ignorant backward and narrow minded goan

    noooo, according to you goans are freaking saints. they can go fuck around in other states but please dont do it here. bloody annoying and hypocritical.

    you sir have just insulted the crap out of the majority of Indians.
    let me make a few things clear...
    1-> Goa is a state of India. NOT ANOTHER COUNTRY..if i want to buy land/build a house/rent an apartment/live there, i fucking can. YOU have a problem with it, go ask your ministers to file for separation and start your own country.
    2->you go to great lengths of how people think goa is a "phoren" destination. honestly speaking how much of a part of india are you? look at the view put out here. heck you guys cant even speak the national language properly. just in case you dont know what out national language is its HINDI not konkani.
    3->you guys screwed your selves in the ass. dont go about blaming "non-goans". The very "non-goans" you are actually hating on brought improvement to goa. The number of facilities you enjoy right now are thanks to all the "non-goans" who "migrated" into goa.
    4-> Huge Money available in goa...HAHAHAHAHA get your facts right before you post shit like do you have any idea how cheap goa is? do have any idea how fucked up the salaries are? do you have any idea how many educated goans dream of leaving goa to earn big bucks? your probably some snotty nosed kid who thinks hes so cool writing a blog, who hasnt bothered getting his facts straight, and hasnt thought about the possible consequences it might trigger.

    ask your parents and grand parents where they got their money from you ignorant assholes, before lashing out on people who had little to do with the current state your precious goa is in. Not everyone who goes to goa wants to live there. but your such a narrow minded fool with limited thoughts. you cant think out of your community and thats the reason goa is so under-developed.

    infact it isnt only goa, but all states. everyone thinks they're state is awesome and that outsiders are fucking it up. but you sir bring that hostility to another level.
    cat-calling, eve teasing, chasing prostitues? and you think goans dont do that?

    i was born in goa, i studied in goa, lived there most of my life, but i still wont be called a goan. i'll be called a migrant. and he has the audacity to say that goans are very hospitable...make no mistake friends, goans are as hostile and hospitable as the rest of this country is. we are good to fellow states-men but the rest are treated as outsiders/baggages/outcasts.
    and you can literealy see the hate the blogger has for all those he terms as "migrants" that is the rest of india.
    i really feel sorry for all those who say THIS is an awesome post.

    1. Just cause you moved to Goa recently or stayed here beofore doesn't make you Goan. You need to have ancestral roots. Mainly Goan blood running through you. So STFU :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Just cause you recently moved to Goa or lived here before doesn't make you Goan. You need to have ancestral roots. Mainly Goan blood running through you. So STFU

  33. @nikhita :- congressmen arent greedy :) people are greedy. grow up a little, start thinking and seeing the bigger picture and past your small community. If your goan read about your past. If your a rich goan, find out how your family got so much wealth,coz if you didnt know all the goans who either
    a)didnt sell their souls to the portuguese or,
    b)didnt sell their land
    were actually very very poor, and believe me it wont be anything to be proud of when you find out.

    p.s-> i dont mean to be trolling and lashing out. but it pisses me off when i see posts where people consider fellow indians as outsiders it really does. And no, honestly speaking, i love goa too, but i think its wrong to generalize and put the blame on your fellow brothers and sisters coz you dont want to blame yourselves.

    1. Oh please Goa is rich in beauty and hearts. Love Goa but don't consider yourself Goan. Cause your not- Case closed

    2. Oh please Goa is rich in beauty and hearts. Love Goa but don't consider yourself Goan. Cause your not- Case closed

  34. sentiments of every Goan.... except the brokers n politicos ...pls excuse the migrants , everyone seeks better life but y these so called businessmen / actors / writers / social workers want a home in GOA ... a goan be anywhere on planet long to come back to his roots ... but these bhaile moment they come to goa they start calling themself goikar .

  35. Hello Sagar
    good report.Dont you think this should be the manin manisfesto for the forth comming election.Anyway I am not a congress man but i did vote always the congress party but you see these crooks whether in delhi or goa have raped us royally including our sarpanchas and secretaries and panch members.Look at the wealth they have created and look at the revenue officials merrily watching from the sidelines. man you have done the right thing by venting out the anger in every simple goan and if people like you can come out in the open and do a little to enlighten people before election you will be doing immence justice to the state of goa and its good people.
    Thanks again
    anthony lopes

  36. Fabulous read..VERY TRUE...I MISS D OLD GOA..n true most of us Goans live out and then come back to a mess..we have invited trouble in many ways..but tourists have to respect our women , places of worship, etc.We Goans are a decent lot and not as portrayed, thank u to all who have mentioned so and they speak from past experiences.The outsiders have tarnished our image, PLEASE RESPECT OUR GOA.LEt loose and enjoy but please do so with a conscience and with good taste and ethics.

  37. agree to a lot that has been said, but having said that this looks practically an anarchist kind of one should come to goa, or even if they dare then they should follow his rules....i remember visiting goa and being referred to as "that indian table"... so where does this culture come in from... given the fact tht you have voiced your concerns as any other indian living in any other state facing same problems... you have migrants coming into mumbai whole lot more than entire goa put together...but that does not irk the common mumbaikar...we are free to live/work/make our ends meet whereever we want in our country... like someone said "this blog demands clarity". it more of a emotional outpour than a blog!!!

  38. Read the critics in the comments herwith; shows how much they have raped our Goa and then later have the audacity to criticize a very honest opinion which reflects the thoughts of almost every Goan.

    All those who have ill-feelings against Goans have to understand that its not the Goans who are responsible for the mess we are in, but the very Delhi Babus and national parties who have manipulated and divided Goa over the years because they were afraid that they may have a problem to Rule Goa if Goans Stay united and then they can buyout our beautiful Land and Rape It as they are doing now.They used the same British principle of Divide and Rule and Loot.

    However the thoughts on this Blog from Mr. Kamat show that the Grand Agenda of the Delhi Babus is no longer gonna be tolerated and will be stopped in its tracks;
    as these are thoughts of the New Generation, the children of those Niz Goenkars who have realised how badly we have been treated since liberation,how the promise of Special status had been used to deceive Goans, how blackmail and high commands have been used to follow the whims and fancies of the Delhi Babus, Overall how Goa and Goans have been failed.

    For all those who want to think that we are not patriotic, please first question the nonpatriotic deeds of the politicians and businessmen from all the Indian States when they come with Corrupt money to grab the land from Goans. I said GRAB because that what has happened to our Communidade land after Liberation. The Non Goan bureacrats at the Land Dept along with some failed Goans have connived alongwith these NonPatriotic fellas. So dont you dare call Goans NonPatriotic, when you guys across other states are electing the non patriotic ones who have destroyed Goa.

    My overall assessmnent is that Sagar's thoughts are thoughts that reverberate in every Goan,Old and Young, who after these 50 years of Divide and rule policy, have finally UNITED TOGETHER and will be a threat to those who dare to take away our Unique Identity. VIVA GOANS and to our SOBIT SUNDOR GOA

  39. Then every Goan (esp. Engineers who pass out of Goan colleges) should stop moving to Metros for work in those sweat-shop IT companies, stop moving abroad to study & salivate for THE Visa into a promised land. Stay in Goa & remain there. Dont post pictures of your travels into other parts of the country on social network profiles.ROT.

  40. To,
    all the Critics of Sagars Blog,
    and to all those who call us unpatriotic,

    Further to my comments on January 3, 2012 7:32 PM, I recall what our Dear Dr. Oscar Rebello has noted on Goa News on 29th dec 2011;


    "WE ARE NO LONGER PORTUGUESE GOA. This Goa is ours; This garbage is ours; These miners and real estate sharks and politicians are ours; These hills and fields are ours; These challenges are ours; This destiny and fate and future is collectively OURS.




    Happy Birthday to the Goan Boy Mr. Sagar Kamat.

  41. Well Written! Sagar. I request to the People who are responsible for this mess, stop spoiling the peace and beauty of Goa and Goan People.

  42. drafted nicely, your concern for retaining Goan identity is well received and appreciated. Every proud and privileged GOAN should subscribe to these ideals and propagate.
    Good Initiative! keep it up.

  43. It is a nice article indeed stating the cons of Goa today, I have written a small rhyme on similar lines

  44. Agreed. Like what I feel about Bangalore now.

  45. Awesome bro!! u have captured the soul of How Goans feel!!

  46. best read of my day.. its been a while since I've been back.. but this sums it up pretty well...

  47. Goans are just a bunch of hypocrites, focused on making money, who have no understanding of 'dignity of labour' which make them look for only blue collar jobs, no matter where.. and that's the reason why they leave the place. Of course they want to come back, because their ego takes a hit abroad, since they're second class citizens there, but they cannot, because the money isn't enough. Then the best they can do about the influx of workers from out of state is complain, complain, and complain some more. But after all that, they Will work abroad, doing all those small jobs too, that they look down upon, for the sake of the money.
    While the influx of workers from out of state continues, as it will, because All of Goa can not go abroad, and those left behind have to earn their daily bread, and thrive somehow, preferably doing blue collar jobs, which can be brought about only by investment into the state by the same 'bhaille' that they end up whining about, but cannot stop conniving with, because they have their sights set firmly on to the money..
    A very unfortunate weakness, and every politician, and builder, and investor understands well, and takes advantage of. And why not. Goans are Judases that continue to do just that. To them, at the end of the day, money is all.
    When money is such a strong force of motivation, Nothing can go right. So blaming outsiders is to blame someone else because it is easier than facing the bitter truth.
    So what can be done? Legislation, nothing else, which is easier said than done, because greed, in its various forms, is a very strong opponent. And ego, which leads to greed, is worse..

  48. ...preferably doing white collar jobs.. not blue collar jobs, which are largely looked upon as 'small jobs'. Or maybe it really ought to be brown collar jobs, because they're jobs that are Agricultural mainly.

  49. And where does ego come from?
    Consider caste, status, money... In that order.


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