Road Trippin’

“…..Its time to leave this town , its time to steal away…lets go get lost somehere in the USA……lets go get lost….”
These lyrics from the lovely song “Road Trippin’  by RHCP often takes me to a different world. A world where I’m in the middle of nowhere on a wide open road on a Royal Enfield, wind going through my hair and sun gloriously on the evening sky…..

There’s something about the open road. Something that has an enduring romance and a sense of adventure to it. An appeal that transcends time, age, cultures and almost everything else.  The possibilities are endless, destinations many.You just need to be ready for it. No one knows what awaits at the next curve or the one after that. And so you ride….

I daresay, I haven’t ridden much. Yes, I have been on a lot of road trips but they have been in the family car. Except for a few rides around and one ‘Proper’ Road trip partially covered on a Honda Dio, a biking Road Trip remains an elusive dream. And so you live, making the most of the occasional ride to the college not so closeby…or that ride to the places around. Being in Goa, you are never short of places.

I do not own a Royal Enfield,  or any of the other ‘Road trip’ bikes. Heck, i can't even ride a geared bike properly yet. But I’m a biker at heart. I feel comfortable on my Honda Dio, like its an extension of my body. Feel a sense of attachment to it that’s unexplained. The road often seduces me. I spend hours reading about journeys of other bikers. Every time I leave on a long journey by road, there’s a sense of excitement. Its not always about the destination. Its about the Journey that awaits. The experiences it offers.

I don’t know when that glorious day will come. The day when I’ll be able to kick-start a bike and leave on that fabled Life changing  Road trip across the Indian subcontinent. When I’ll  undertake that mystical journey to the High Himalayas. Or when I’ll ride across the Rann.

For now, I wait. Planning, reading, dreaming….
PS: I'll highly Recommend reading "One Life To Ride" by Ajit Harisinghani to all. If the title alone inspires you to read it, you know what this blogpost is about

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